Mark M Services, LLC

- Professional video editing

- Video production support

- Staff training

- Researching and writing custom user manuals and

   standard-operating-procedures documents

  1. -Audio-visual system setup for homes and small businesses

    I can provide these solutions and more, with over 30 years experience in video postproduction, production, and administration.  My experience includes roles as senior video editor, associate producer, in-house trainer, part-time college instructor, technical researcher/writer, tape operator, camera operator, audio operator, and supervisor of the disassembly, inventory, packing, and relocation of an entire video production/postproduction facility.  In addition, I have extensive experience successfully working with a wide range of personnel, from nervous nonprofessional talent to the Chief Justice of the United States.

    Mark M Services, LLC is registered with the federal government’s CCR and the State of Maryland, and can accept payment by electronic funds transfer, credit card, check, or cash.

    Experience.  Reliability.  Creativity.  Talent.  Organization.  Attention to detail.  That’s Mark M Services, LLC.

  1. -Mark J. Mitchell


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